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The Republic of Maldives is a state in South Asia, located in the Maldives in the northwestern part of Indian Ocean. In the southwest of Sri Lanka. The capital city is Male. Administratively it is divided into 20 groups of islands.


297,8 km2


562 756 people

Maldives-Republic. As part of the Commonwealth led by Great Britain. Its current constitution entered into force on 11 November 1968, as amended in 1972 and 1997. head of state, president elected by the population for a period of 5 years (since November 17, 2018, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih). Legislative power - unicameral parliament (Mejlis). Executive power is exercised by the President and appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers. The Maldives archipelago consists of more than 2 thousand small islands (atolls), 200 of which inhabited by people. Most of the islands are surrounded by coral reefs. The climate is equatorial, monsoonal. Air temperature 24-30°. Despite heavy rains (up to 2500 mm per year), there is not enough fresh water. There are coconut palms, bananas, citrus fruits, breadfruit. 99% of the population lives in the Maldives (divehi), also inhabited by Arabs and Malays. The main religion is Islam. Official language-Maldive (divehi). 30% of the urban population lives in one city - Male.

In the 3-1 centuries. BC e. from Ceylon and India came and settled the Sinhalese, the Indians. They believed in Buddhism. The Sultanate was dependent on the Portuguese from 1558 and the Dutch from the 2nd half of the 17th century. FROM British rule was established in 1796 and became a protectorate in December 1887. He gained full independence in 1965. And in 1968 it was declared a Republic. Maldives have been a member of the UN since 1965. There are no political parties and unions. Diplomatic relations with The Republic of Uzbekistan established on December 7, 1994.

National holiday

July 26 - Independence Day